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Lookout Landing Podcast 197: The Beast From The East

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Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

This week John and Kate look at the Mariners post deadline after long series against the Houston Astros, New York Yankees and Los Angeles Angels, with one more series against the AL East juggernauts before the team can safely slide into friendlier scheduling territory. My apologies for the sparser notes this week, I am extremely pressed for time and as such am bringing back a classic tactic I have’t used in a while to summarize the podcast...

Assorted Musings:

  • Shohei Ohtani resigning in LA? What are the chances?
  • A look at the competition in the AL West for the rest of 2022
  • Adam Frazier looks good!
  • The return of prodigal son Mitch Haniger
  • Who is the real Sam Haggerty?
  • Just how good is Seattle’s defense, really?
  • Optimal bullpen alignment
  • Penn Murfree - underrated?