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58-50: Chart

“If you’re on time for a fastball, you can pretty much cover everything” — Ty France

MLB: Game One-Los Angeles Angels at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

LOBster count: 8

Remaining games before Haniger’s back: 0

Game Thread Comment of the Day: 425CougFan writes, “I will not tempt fate by making any observations about Ohtani or how he has looked.”

When a baseball game is over: Carlos Santana, -.122 WPA

When there’s another baseball game in a couple hours: Ty France, +.222 WPA (also George Kirby, +.216 WPA)

OTD Ichiro, 2003: Grounds into a double play. Why is that noteworthy? Because it was August 6, and it was only his second GIDP of the year. He’d have just three over 725 PAs on the year. Ichiro holds the franchise record, grounding into double plays in just 0.78% of his career PAs as a Mariner.