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57-49: Chart

Mariners use Big Inning against Gerrit Cole and the Yankees. It’s super effective!

Seattle Mariners v New York Yankees
stay sunscreened up, pals, these Mariners are scorching hot
Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Mariners 7, Yankees 3

Number of times this season the Yankees had lost by 3+ runs before today: 4

Number of times all other teams had lost by 3+ runs: 10+

Number of times this season the Yankees have now lost by 3+ runs: 5

New York Fashion Week: Eugenio Suárez, .177 WPA

California Casual: Kyle Lewis, -.027 WPA

No WPA score for this but a super extra shoutout to the defense, led by J.P. Crawford.

OTD in Ichiro, 2004: Ichiro goes 5-for-5 with a triple but the Mariners still lose to the Orioles, 7-9. (Thanks to Zach Mason for research help).