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Emergency Podcast: 2022 MLB Trade Deadline Edition


Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

Trader Jerry has been working the hot stove to the bone, but now that the dust have settled, the 2022 Mariners team has come into stark focus. Out are prospects, most notably Noelvi marte and Edwin Arroyo, but also Andy Thomas, Michael Stryffeler, and the release of Jack Larsen; in are Luis Castillo, Matthew Boyd, Curt Casali and Jake Lamb. A frontline starting pitcher (an All Star no less), swingman insurance, a bench right handed bat and a proper backup catcher. Not bad. Not earth shattering after Castillo, but not bad. These are useful pieces for the team in 2022, on that there is no debate. After the wildest trade deadline in a while, it begs the question though, was it enough? Should the Mariners have traded from their outfield prospect “depth” instead? The legendary trio of John Trupin, Kate Preusser and Evan James are here to break down all the hot, spicy trade talk, and tell you if your Seattle Mariners are indeed primed and restocked for playoff glory.