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70-58: Chart

Pretty sure this is what they mean by your “Sunday best”

Cleveland Guardians v Seattle Mariners Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Mariners 4, Guardians 0

xBA on DMo’s home run: .150

And yet, the number of parks it would have been a homer in: 25/30

Game Thread Comment of the Day: “That’s not even a bad pitch” - aubr, on Ty’s home run

Strained pec muscles: Julio Rodríguez, but only barely, -.063 WPA

The Mariners having some depth: Robbie Ray, +.342 WPA (and obviously, Dylan Moore, +.283 WPA)

OTD Ichiro: 2004 wasn’t the only time he got his 200th hit in August. In 2001, he took pitch back up the middle for his first of 10 200th hits. The announcers are left awed.