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The Mariners as things in or near my (student) apartment

losing in front of Ichiro is not cool, guys

Cleveland Guardians v Seattle Mariners Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

So the Mariners lost the Ichiro Night game. That sucks! It sucks so much that I don’t want to talk about the game. So instead, I’m going to do a remake of a classic LL article, while also telling all of you lovely readers about my new apartment.

Luis Castillo

My A/C works very hard and without it I would melt.

Matt Festa

This alarm is disconnected, providing only the illusion of safety.

Chris Flexen

These people were being very loud while I was trying to watch the game and it was very distracting.

Logan Gilbert

I didn’t expect this slightly hidden water heater to be so good, but it does its job really well and I need it to live.

Marco Gonzales

Kind of a ratty floor, but I guess it does its job of holding things up.

George Kirby

This kitchen is mysteriously out of time for something in 2022.

Andres Munoz

This fan is very fast and I like it alot, even if it makes things cold sometimes.

Penn Murfee

Painting is my passion.

Robbie Ray

When I heard I would have a dishwasher I was excited but then I saw it and it was full of mold and I was sad.

Paul Sewald

These vinyl floors are pretty nice, even if they are kind of bent out of shape.

Curt Casali

Why is this here?

Cal Raleigh

All I can see out of this window is this super thick fireplace my neighbor has.

J.P. Crawford

This stove can get really hot if you’re not careful with it.

Ty France

This pool is awesome. I hope it opens up again soon.

Adam Frazier

I thought having skylights would be cool, but it’s actually filled with trash and really distracting.

Sam Haggerty

My kitchen light switch is very tempermental and only works sometimes, but the lights are really bright so I hope it gets it together some time soon.

Carlos Santana

This old chandelier is still kind of just hanging around, but I plugged it in and it still works great so I think I’ll keep it as a lamp or something.

Eugenio Suarez

This wallpaper was just kind of thrown in. At first I didn’t like it, but it’s really grown on me.

Mitch Haniger

A very bright light.

Dylan Moore

Even dirtier, more distracting skylight. Lets a ton of light in, though.

Julio Rodriguez

I love my computer and seeing it every day.

Jesse Winker

I don’t know why this ceiling pipe is here, but I guess it's good to get rid of excess steam or something.

Abraham Toro

I miss my cat.