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Seattle Mariners Photos of the Week August 15-21

It was the best of series, it was the worst of series.

Seattle Mariners v Oakland Athletics Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

At the beginning of last week it seemed like the world was our oyster for the next seven days. Did we just lose a series at Texas? Sure, but that was a fluke. Nothing to get concerned about. Thankfully, the next six games would be a walk in the park against the Angels and A’s...right?

Monday August 15 at Los Angeles Angels

As Kate mentioned in her recap, it was a little surprising that there wasn’t more national attention for this game. It was Castillo vs. Ohtani, after all.

And as Kate also mentioned, well, I’ll let her words do the talking:

Things in this game didn’t really get cookin’ for the Mariners until the 9th inning of this game, but boy, did they get cookin’ — courtesy of Ham Swaggerty & Co.

Read more here:

Tuesday August 16 at Los Angeles Angels

After the previous night’s tease of a game for the first 8 innings the Mariners were surely going to keep the flame lit and turn the infield and outfield into one giant bonfire, right?


Per Isabelle’s recap from this game, “If an offense waits until the last minute to act and still pulls [off] a W, was it still an annoying game?”

Oh, so it was another one of those games.

Yes, yes it was.

Read more about how the Mariners offense waited to be fashionably late (rather than respectfully early) here:

Wednesday August 17 at Los Angeles Angels

YouTube game, getcher YouTube game HERE!

As games like these go, the Mariners were subjected to a comment section fit for an MLB The Show Livestream featuring your neighborhood’s mouthiest middle schoolers. The most egregious of the comments was the yahoo that credited Mariners Reddit with the advent of the sacred moniker “Ham Swaggerty.”

How dare they.

For more on the actual game and not the one in the comment section, read Kate’s recap here:

Friday August 19 at Oakland Athletics

Best part of this game? We tagged Cole Irvin for 5 runs. Worst part of this game? We’ve tagged him for more in the past and this outing against us actually lowered his ERA against Seattle to 8.42.

This recap by Nick Vitalis is certainly worth a read, especially after providing us with this wonderfully descriptive paragraph:

Saturday August 20 at Oakland Athletics

You can’t win ‘em all. And to be honest, when an offense plays like this it’s difficult to see why they’d deserve a win.

In any case, Bren’s recap is nice in that they avoid making this game seem like the world is ending which is a nice break from how things were going on in my brain.

Sunday August 21 at Oakland Athletics

Never, and I must emphasize, ever, would I be so happy to see Cal Raleigh and Sam Haggerty pinch hitting and Big Dumper even rewarded us with two doubles. Alas, he dumped all he could dump and the Mariners fell in a game that Zach Mason appropriately called “fine.”

What moments from these games did you enjoy? Tell us in the comments below!