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Mariners Social Media Spotlight: Tucker the Clubhouse Pup, Soloman Bates, and an Elaine Benes Dance-off

Some stuff!

A v good boi

In Lookout Landing Land...

  • First thing’s first: haaaaave you heard about the 1st Annual Tim Cantu MemoriaLL SoftbaLL Game? If you’re gonna click a link in this post, it should be this one.
  • He’s OUR little baseball elf.
  • One of the most important parts about Lookout Landing having media access is that we now have Tucker access.

In Mariners Land...

  • Baseball truly is a game for grown up kids and I love it.
  • Happy first birthday to Chloe Sewald! The Mariners community can’t wait to see you grow (and see your Dad continue to absolutely dominate).
  • After 8 seasons with the Modesto Nuts (for which the Mariners have been affiliated with for the past 5 years), play-by-play voice Keaton Gillogly has announced via Instagram that he’ll be moving on to a new opportunity with the Montana State Bobcats. Thank you, Keaton! We’ll miss you.
  • Look at these two guys who look really, really uncomfortable in their economy seats.

In Baseball Land...

  • This week Soloman Bates became the second active player in Minor League Baseball to come out as gay with this post below. If anyone knows anything about being a minority, they know that saying “representation matters” isn’t just a buzz phrase, it’s everything. Congratulations to Soloman! You can read the story about it on SBNation’s OutSports here.
  • Stop the presses. This is the greatest in-game fan experience to ever exist.
  • So uh, this is new. Our colleagues over at Royals Review will have to report back on how it is. Tell us in the poll below if you’d try it.


Would you try the Royals’ new peanut butter cup pulled pork sandwich?

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  • 13%
    I’d eat the whole thing
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  • 56%
    No thank you
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  • How’s this for an outfit transition? Courtesy of this year’s Field of Dreams game.
  • Man, I love Little League WS season.

In Shay Land...

  • I have to give a shoutout to a family friend down in DC for their absolute delicious drag persona of Tara Hoot (like Terra Haute, hehehehe). Give Tara a follow, you won’t be disappointed.