Are you 'special' Mariners fan?

Hi all.

My name is Juliy. I am a big Mariners fan

What is special here? Who is not in PNW?

OK, I still my story is pretty special.

I was born in Ukraine and moved to Israel about 30 years ago. Untill my 30 I've never watched any baseball game and didn' speak English.

As part of my job I've been in Seattle several times back to 2002-2006. I was fallen in love with the city and the area and also I started watching am. Football. I am huge Seahawks fan and also slowly started to get used to baseball too. Fast forward to 2022 I am pretty sure I watched at least 100 Mariners games this season. Consider that most of them starting between 2 to 5 am my local time it is not an easy task. I would say after my family and hope that Ukraine will defite Russian inviders this is my biggest passion right now.

Sone other special fan stories here?