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FanPost Friday: Your all-time Seattle Mariners All-Star squad

While we wait to find out which 2022 players make the cut for the All-Star Game, let’s make the whole thing out of Mariners!

Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners
can you believe these two perfect specimens ever shared a roster? ‘twas a dream
Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Hello and welcome back to FanPost Friday! The All-Star Game isn’t for another week and a half, but given that the 2022 Seattle Mariners have the largest amount of deserving All-Star candidates since 2018 or so, I’m inclined to start building up the hype a little early.

To the surprise of many, Ty France returned to the Mariners lineup yesterday from his elbow injury. As the second-highest vote-getter among AL first basemen, he is currently slotted for for a All-Star Team roster spot but will likely lose the starting spot to Vladimir Guerrero, Jr., who has the backing of literally an entire nation of baseball fans stuffing the online ballot box like an overzealous Tim Horton’s employee over-stuffing a box of Timbits. Nevertheless, Ty France is a freakin’ All-Star! Hooray!

Now, in our hearts and minds, Julio Rodríguez is already an All-Star, now and forever. It remains unclear if he’ll be up for any final spot vote or perhpas he’ll be a manager selection. Either way, Julio is having a simply effervescent rookie campaign, having won AL Rookie of the Month twice so far and just last week, AL Player of the Week. So, the league at large has noticed, as certainly opposing pitchers have taken note, as well. Julio is here to chew bubblegum and rake, and he’s all outta bubblegum.

Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners
r u not entertained
Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

J.P. Crawford could sneak in as a reserve or replacement as he’s currently ranked 4th by fWAR among AL shortstops, so he definitely has an outside shot of making it. Both J.P. and Julio are both the kind of highly charismatic, joyful, and exciting young players that MLB should be promoting to help “grow the game,” as they claim to believe in (no disrespect to Ty, but his most interesting non-on-field activity is having a funny name). So, put ‘em in already, MLB!

Among the pitchers, both Logan Gilbert and Robbie Ray have very compelling cases to be selected by AL ASG manager Dusty Baker, as do relievers Paul Sewald and Diego Castillo. Very little is really known about managers go about making these choices, so we’re left with nothing but assumptions. Being a competing AL West Manager, will Baker ignore the Mariners or try to pick plenty of them in hopes of perhaps tiring them out? Is there any gamesmanship involved with ASG selections? Who knows!

Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Anyways, yes, you’re here for a prompt, I know. Here it is!

Prompt: Make your own All-Star Team entirely out of current and former Mariners players

Use any criteria you see fit. You wanna do it purely by career or single season WAR? Go for it. You want to make the Seattle Mariners All-Star team of all you hopes, dreams, and favorites? Heck yeah. It’s your squad, construct it how you like.

Copy and paste this into your comment and go nuts! We’ll do three bench spots, four starters, and 4 relievers.





The only rule is that they had to play or manage a game for the Mariners at some point in the last 46 seasons. You can choose specific seasons from a player or not, it’s up to you. Let’s hear it!