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Emergency Podcast: Trader Jerry Strikes Again

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

Urgent news is obviously that Jerry Dipoto has once again managed to strike an iron forged in the hot stove. The Mariners traded two of their top prospects in Noelvi Marte and Edwin Arroyo, another highly regarded starter in Levi Stoudt, as well as 2021 draft pick Andrew Moore for Cincinnati Red’s starter Luis Castillo, who slides in as arguably the team’s best pitcher immediately. While Marte and Arroyo are an extremely high upside pair to trade for only 1.5 years of control, Castillo is undoubtedly an upgrade in the short term and the kind of impact at a position of weakness the team needed to break the playoff drought. The future is the future and therefore uncertain, so the playoffs in 2022, and the rest of the season ahead of the team, is what takes greatest priority. A bird in the hand is two in the bush, and the Mariners traded two in the bush today for one of five key fingers on the fist that will punch their ticket to a playoff spot and hopefully flip the Houston Astros the bird as well. Grant, Kate and Evan are here to break down the latest Mariners addition, look ahead to brighter days out of Texas and the coming series against the juggernaut New York Yankees in the bronx.