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51-43: Chart

Astros snap Mariners’ win streak, remind everyone who the bosses of the AL West are

MLB: Houston Astros at Seattle Mariners Lindsey Wasson-USA TODAY Sports

Astros 5, Mariners 2

Fans in attendance: 45,290

Number of runs the Mariners scored per fan: 0.00004415985

Games where Julio is in the ballgame for the Seattle Mariners: Carlos Santana, .105 WPA

Games where Julio is not in the ballgame for the Seattle Mariners: Marco Gonzales, -.218 WPA

Number of Mariners hitters with a WPA of over -100: 2 (Lewis (-.199) and Raleigh (-.167))

OTD in Ichiro, 2015: hits an RBI triple off Robbie Ray. Sadly 2015 is the year before MLB’s film room starts so we can’t find video of this, so you’ll all just have to use your imaginations.