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They Might Be Mariners Episode 34: The 2022 Draft Roundup

The Seattle Times

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

The Mariners rolled into the All Star break with a 14 game win streak, and Julio Rodriguez hit 81 dingers in the Home Run Derby. But in other, more forward looking news, the Mariners completed their 2022 MLB Draft, and special guests Nick Vitalis and Kyle Geller join Kate Preusser to break down all the biggest picks. The crew first examines Jerry’s draft comments and perspective through John Trupin’s patented “JD Truthiness scale”. Kyle and Nick break down the big picks: Cole Young, Tyler Locklear and Walter Ford, and marvel at Cole’s twitter chops so early on. Hogan Windish gets some love for both his prospect status and incredible baseball name. 12th Rounder Troy Taylor gets a primer on why he might be a steal, and Nick sees a major league future for 13th rounder Darren Bowen.