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Lookout Landing Podcast 193: When You Wish Upon A Winker

Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

This week John, Kate and I look at the surging Mariners, fresh off of beat down series against the hapless Baltimore Orioles and the sinful Los Angeles Angels. After a win last night against the w”A’s”hed Oakland Athletics, the Mariners find themselves a mere 4 games under .500, with winnable series ahead and some injured stars returning. We assess the Mariners spot in the second wildcard hunt and try to envision what the trade deadline might look like for a team in this position. We collectively emerge from the covid fugue state to answer twitter questions from our diehard fans. John digs into Jarred’s Tacoma Rainiers stat line and identifies improvements. We look at the Mariners pitching situation and who might cover Kirby’s rookie innings gap over the final quarter of the season. We barely even mention Julio because he’s so good that functionally he has become a separate entity entirely. Long live the J Rod Show.