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Lookout Landing Podcast 195: Flawless Execution, Total Domination

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Hello Seattle Mariners fans.

My how the mighty have fallen, and the chosen have risen. Yes indeed, the Seattle Mariners, after bottoming out at 10 games under .500 in May, have miraculously rattled off 14 wins in a row to ride off into the All Star break at a brisk 51-42, a game ahead of the Toronto Blue Jays for the second wild card spot. For this special episode (noted Abe Toro fan) Jacob Parr and Grant Bronsdon take over for John, joining Kate and Evan to celebrate the Mariners historic streak. The crew takes listener questions about key moments from the win streak and favorite games in particular. We highlight specific players who have turned it up in July and deserve some flowers, notably Cal, Sam Haggerty? And Carlos Santana. We ponder a trade for Juan Soto in Mariners teal, and make some bold predictions for the home run derby.

Win. Win win win win. Win win win win.