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7/13/22: SEA at WSH Open Game Thread

For real this time

MLB: Miami Marlins at Washington Nationals
Another game thread means another chance to post a Juan Soto pic
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

[Kanye voice] GOOD MORNING

Pour yourselves a big bowl of coffee, we’ve got extra-early breakfast baseball on tap. Here’s the lineup for the first game of today’s doubleheader against the Nationals:

Second verse same as the first: no changes here from yesterday’s lineup. Julio serves his suspension for Game One but should be available for Game Two, Jesse Winker is back, things of that nature.

The big change from yesterday’s game thread is, of course, the game time: an eye-cracking 9:05 AM PT. You can still find the game in all your favorite places: ROOT Sports NW for TV, 710 AM Seattle Sports on the radio, or in your dreams if you’re not quite awake yet. No judgment here, my sleepy-eyed surprises. As a reminder, MLB in their vast wisdom did away with the one good change they had made to the game recently, cutting doubleheaders to seven innings, so get your body ready for a full eighteen innings of interleague baseball.

Also, happy birthday to LL staffer Bren Everfolly! Feel free to drop Bee some b-day wishes in the comments. Our present to them is they don’t have to recap either of these two day games, which Bee has been a real help in doing this season, for which I am personally very grateful. Now off to mainline some coffee before game time.