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Lookout Landing Podcast 194: Farm To Table Setters

Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Hello Seattle Mariners faithful!

What an absolute roller coaster ride of a week it has been. The Mariners have rocketed back into contention with an 8 game win streak and taking 16 of their last 19. After a May that was so dreary most of us had largely written the team off, they find themselves rolling into the All Star break with their lone representative, a rookie on a 6 win pace, and comfortably sitting in wild card position. Isabelle Minasian joins Evan, Kate and John to dig into the new, good Mariners. Collectively the crew stands in amazement of the turnaround the Mariners have conjured, while acknowledging works remains to be done. Isabelle assets that now is a key time to spend and invest in the team, especially since they have thrust themselves back into contention and she advocates for Toro to get the lions share of playing time at second base for the next few weeks to see if he can’t catch fire and ignite his way into a trade. Kate and Evan look at some potential replacements for Frazier in the infield and coverage for Kirby’s future innings in the rotation. Lastly, we collectively marvel at the good fortune that has rolled the Mariners way after a dreadful first quarter of the season. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish and the Mariners are looking to finish strong.

Live look at Evan calling the Mariners at .500 before the All Star Game and the total collapse of the Angels: