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6/4/22: Open Game Thread

You’re a cowboy like me

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Seattle Mariners
Marco Gonzales, in his younger and more vulnerable years
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

You’d hope that after getting into Dallas at 4:00 in the morning and then playing a game the next day, the Mariners would have earned some sleep. But no, MLB’s schedulers have it out for the Mariners yet again, lining them up for a first pitch just 17 hours after their most recent one.

Eugenio, who’s really leaning into being Kyle Seager’s replacement by homering in Arlington last night, wins today’s stay-off-your-feet-and-DH lottery. Consequently, Abraham Toro, Our Beloved will be at the hot corner.

As for the Rangers,

Does anyone else find it strange that they’re going with the hashtag #StraightUpTX in the age of the infield shift? Maybe they’ll do something creative with the slogan for their pride night?

We also have a sad Kyle Lewis update:

I’d really like to share some good baseball news to counterbalance that, but I don’t have any. So please share good things in the thread! When Eugenio gets a star moment, as he did last night, we should honor him by indulging in good vibes only.

First pitch: 1:05 PT

TV: Where you ROOT, and, for out of market folks, has it as the free game of the day (h/t to Paul AB for pointing that out)

Radio: 710 AM and

Good vibes: Only