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6/25/22: Open Game Thread

The Labors of Logan Gilbert continue

Los Angeles Angels v Seattle Mariners Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

I wonder sometimes what pitchers think when they see certain lineups posted on their start days. Certainly King Félix must have had an eyebrow raise or seventy in his time. Logan Gilbert isn’t being sent out with a group quite so dire as the early 2010s Seattle Mariners, but the current array sans Ty France is distinctly dismal. The top four remains potent, with J.P. Crawford, Julio Rodríguez, Eugenio Suárez, and Jesse Winker offering an inarguably quality quartet. Beyond it, however, lies the darkness of the unknown. Southpaws have been the bane of Seattle’s existence this year, in large part due to the absence of Mitch Haniger and Kyle Lewis, so surely the loss of their best righty bat (slash best bat period) won’t be troublesome, right? Hopefully the hamstrung Anaheim Angels lineup will prove even more top-heavy (or bottom-light).

Game Time: 7:07 PM PT
TV: ROOT Sports NW
Radio: 710 AM ESPN Seattle
Online: MLB.TV