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6/21/22: Open Game Thread

well, if you insist...

Minnesota Twins v Seattle Mariners Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

If you’ve checked out of this road trip before it even began, I can’t say I blame you. That five-game series against a freefalling Angels team was, to put it bluntly, soul crushing. Five Mike Trout homers, four of them being game-winners? Just two runs across the last three games, including a 21-inning scoreless streak? Blech, blech, blech. Thankfully, it’s all behind us now, and even if you have given up on playoff hopes, the season marches on.

I mean, glancing at the A’s lineup, things could be worse? Rolling out an all-righty lineup against Marco Gonzales is the right move, but man, ideally you have someone better than Christian Bethancourt - who’s moonlighted as a pitcher a few times - in the cleanup spot. Jonah Bride and Nick Allen are two new guys who both have incredibly Oakland A names, but other than that, no real surprises from them tonight. May Elvis Andrus not be a pest for five minutes.

It’s also a Toro- and DMo-less lineup tonight, with Adam Frazier manning second base and Taylor Trammell in right. While it’s nice to see JP at leadoff once again, it would be just lovely to see Frazier and his single-digit June wRC+ start bouncing back. You’re so fun when you’re hitting, Adam! More of that, please! Justin Upton is once again at DH, and personally? I’d love to see a homer from him tonight.

Game Time: 6:40pm PDT

TV: ROOT Sports NW,

Radio: 710 Seattle Sports, MLB At Bat