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Lookout Landing Podcast 191: Perfectly Balanced, As All Things Should Be

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

Fresh off an absolute shelling of the much maligned Baltimore Orioles, John, Kate and myself sit down to compare and contrast the Mariners rebuild to their modern contemporaries (Orioles and Kansas City Royals specifically). We break into listener question on pressing topics: Trammel’s hot start, Cal Raleigh 2.0, the continued development of George Kirby and just who is Zach DeLoach? We look at whether or not the Mariners are still in the hunt and need reinforcements at the trade deadline or if they can hold out till the winter. I take immense relief in knowing that Kyle Lewis is only injured in one way, instead of several. Kate reveals that despite all appearances, the Mariners playoff odds are not as dire as they may seem. With six weeks to go before the All Star break the team needs to turn it up against the A’s, Angels, Orioles and Rangers to stay afloat.