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Mariners Social Media Spotlight: Mina Kimes, David Freitas, and Klay Thompson

A mixed bag of social this week.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

In Mariners land...

  • Mina Kimes is a national treasure, period. She got to live out her dream this week and threw out the first pitch.

  • Ty France deserves to be an All-Star and the Mariners are reminding you of that. Go vote (for Ty, JP, and Julio, too)!
  • The Sewald crew got in on some bunny-petting action this week.
  • Thank you to the MLB TikTok account for reminding us all that Ty France is, in fact, mortal.

Listen kid, I don’t have much time, but the reason you’re getting left on delivered is—

♬ original sound - Bean
  • Sam Carlson’s TikTok game is strong.

Like something doesn’t add up bro ‍♂️

♬ Kukurruu - Kukurruu

In baseball land...

  • David Freitas who is now in the Yankees farm system continues to be my favorite former-Mariner-that-isn’t-an-All-Star. Love is love, baby.
  • Back to the MLB TikTok account. They captured this fun interaction between a couple of dudes who throw baseballs really fast.

How can you not be romantic about baseball

♬ ESCUBIDUBIDU - Boticario
  • If I had cool highlights I’d watch them a lot, too...

In Shay land...

  • Congratulations to former Coug, Klay Thompson, for winning his FOURTH NBA Championship. It’s not the Sonics, but it’ll do.