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Mariners Social Media Spotlight: Minor League TikTokers, Sandy Alcantara’s Beer Throne, and Don’t Forget Your Pet Deposit

Going heavy on the TikToks today, folks

Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

In Mariners land...

  • Mariners’ 2021 First Round Draft Pick Harry Ford throws up the peace sign when a camera is pulled out. He’s just like us.
  • Thanks to the TikTok algorithm of waiting uhhh a couple weeks before I see a video, this post by Mariners 2021 Fourth Round Draft Pick only popped up in my feed this week. Nonetheless, it’s fun.

I’ll put more effort in later… had to pitch today!! Happy Sunday @KeeganKevesdy #fypシ

♬ International Love (feat. Chris Brown) - Pitbull
  • Mariners third base coach Manny Acta prefers the dad-mobile, thank you very much.
  • These kids in Modesto got jokes.
  • Sam Carlson isn’t totally wrong...

In baseball land...

  • This Cubs security guard is clearly only guarding fun.

My brother in Christ you are SCARING the-

♬ Ratio - Rest
  • Sandy Alcantara got 500 strikeouts...and 500 cans of Budweiser to celebrate.
  • Next up: bat cats

Every team should have one. @Durham Bulls #dog #baseball #milb

♬ original sound - Minor League ⚾️

In Shay land...

  • Nothing like the threat of getting evicted to quell your puppy fever LOL