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Sporcle Friday: 2019 Mariner Pitchers

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Let’s face it. The last week of Mariners baseball has been, ahem, shitty. I suppose it was nice of the Mariners to start stinking before they could truly break some hearts (though I don’t doubt that they have another ephemeral run in them this year), but it has not been fun to watch these Mariners.

Well, you know what I like to do to make myself feel better when I’m down? I like to reminisce on times that I felt even worse! Like 2019!

Now, it’s admittedly tricky to determine whether 2019 truly felt worse than right now does. The team was definitely worse. But also, no pandemic. Would you take a marginally worse Mariners team in order to end COVID? Oh, what’s that? You would?

OK, well, maybe things are worse right now. But by golly, the 2019 Mariners team was terrible. Not only did they lose 94 games, but they set an all-time record for most pitchers used in a single season, with 42 (they had tied the record at 40 just two years prior).

Can you name them, or did you apparently black out for half of the season like I did? Here’s a hint: two of the players listed are position players who pitched in mop-up duty.