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5/2/22: Open Game Thread

no time to lick their wounds

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Miami Marlins
ray vs. rays
Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off a terrible, no good road trip capped off by an abysmal showing in Houston, captured nicely by Bren last night, the Mariners return home to a crowd bewildered by team’s apparent bipolarity this season. Jake Mailhot gave us a look ahead at the M’s second series with the Rays this morning, if you’re interested in the bigger picture ahead of the game.

With the team’s less than triumphal return the Northwest came a whole host of roster juggling, headlined by the demotion of Matt Brash and laid out by Eric this afternoon. If you’re still itching for more material between now and game time, Zach Mason gave us a defense of John Power Crawford’s ostensibly waning defense this year that’s worth a read.

And now, the lineups. Kind of. The Mariners made a late scratch out of Tom Murphy, resulting in a few changes noted below.

Adam Frazier’s day off is no more, and Torrens finds himself at catcher instead of DH. I’m sure everyone will have a normal, level-headed reaction to Toro leading off and Frazier in the nine-hole. Knock on wood that Murphy’s scratch is extra precautionary, because this lineup could really use his (admittedly regression-prone) 192 wRC+.

Robbie Ray vs. Shane McClanahan has a chance to be a very fun (read: stressful for us M’s fans) match-up if both play up to their potential. Tampa Bay’s lineup should look pretty familiar given the fresh wounds they inflicted a week ago.

TV: ROOT Sports NW

Radio: 710 ESPN Seattle, MLB At Bat

Game Time: 6:40 Pacific