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FanPost Friday: Crying in the bleachers and I said it was fun

“It’s just not my year, but I’m all good out here”

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Hello and welcome back to FanPost Friday. Since last Friday, things did not go as planned or as moderately hoped for as the Mariners continued losing all four games to the Boston Red Sox and then only managed to win one game at home against the formerly last place Oakland Athletics. That’s right, folks. The 2022 Seattle Mariners are in last place in the AL West. Feels bad. In the really lean years of 2010 through 2013 or so, I used to just have a modest hope for the Mariners that they stay relevant and interesting long enough for warm weather to arrive in Seattle. Just a few games where I don’t need to bring a jacket is all I used to ask for back then. They often fell short, but then things started stay interesting longer in 2014 and beyond. With this year’s cold and damp spring weather, it looks like the Mariners won’t quite make it to t-shirt weather this time.

One bit of positive perspective I can offer is that at least there is Mariners baseball to watch at all. This date in 2020, there wasn’t. And the MLB Lockout damn near took this season away, too. Bad baseball is better than no baseball, after all.

I wish I had some actual sunshine to share on this Friday of a 3-day Memorial Day weekend for many folks, but with Justin Verlander and the Houston Astros bearing down on our beleaguered Mariners, I just can’t muster much. Anything can happen, of course, and perhaps this is where the turnaround starts. Never can tell.

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Seattle Mariners
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

But hey, while you’re here, let’s look at last week’s VIBE CHECK because it was very on-brand for LL and realistic in its expectations.

Very fair, and I imagine it would be closer to 70-75% no today.

LL is nothing if not pedantic and, no, technically the Mariners are not dead and still have a chance to make a playoff push. Winning 8 out every 10 games the rest of the season is possible, if improbable. BUT IT COULD HAPPEN, OKAY.

I admit I was a little surprised to see Playoffs or Bust take this one, but it was very close. Although if you lump the other two answers together, which definitely have a lot of crossover in logic I would say, then it seems a bit more level-headed.

The biggest, brightest spot of the season so far is undoubtedly the blossoming of Julio Rodríguez, which John wrote about brilliantly yesterday. If nothing else goes right this season, Julio having a productive and highly entertaining rookie season will continue to be a blessing in all our lives. Enjoy it, appreciate it, and don’t let the overall disappointment degrade what we’re witnessing here. This is the magic we’ve been waiting for.

Okay, let’s throw a prompt out there for this weekend.

Give us three things you want to see from the Mariners during this series against the Astros

No other parameters, just pure hopes and dreams for the weekend. Hope everyone has a restful and enjoyable long weekend if you are so lucky to have one, and peace be with anyone who has to work through it. Hang in there, let’s go Mariners, and lean into this song from Ethel Cain:

(h/t to Nick Vitalis and Addie Leary for recommending Ethel Cain to me awhile back)