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5/25/22: Open Game Thread

Kyle Lewis day #2

Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Another day, another baseball game. Today the Mariners play their lucky thirteenth game in a row, and look to take a series win against the Athletics. Let’s take a little look-see at the lineups:

Kyle Lewis is still alive! Julio is batting cleanup! Is this excitement I feel? This lineup feels good, and if the last two games are any indication, we’re likely to see a lot of runs put on the board today.

Especially if Robbie Ray can’t protect against the Big Inning™, which has plagued him this season. A day game against a struggling Oakland lineup may be exactly what he needs to show some of that Cy Young ability.

The A’s starter in Blackburn is having a career year so far, and he’s gotten his breaking stuff, especially his cutter and curveball, to induce some ugly whiffs. He’s only gone more than five innings pitched twice in eight starts this season, so here’s hoping the M’s can jump on him early.

Personally, I like a good day game because it gives me time to do something else after the game. And I think a laid back, easy atmosphere is what we all need on a Wednesday afternoon. Here’s hoping the Mariners can take advantage of the cool, easy going vibes to get a win.