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Mariners Social Media Spotlight: Viticulture and Winkology, Marco Isn’t Sexy, Jazz Flips For Bat Flips

Another week of staring into my little screen.

Shoutout to my friend Kate who studied viticulture and enology at Cal Poly and is the single reason I know what either of those two words mean.

In Mariners Land

  • #NewGuy Jesse Winker took time during the team’s stay in Toronto to visit Via Allegro Ristorante and their impressive wine selection.
  • When in New England, do as the New Englandahs.
  • And when at Fenway, do as the Fenway...-ahs.
Penn Murfee goes into the belly of the Green Monster beast.
  • This is nothing if not on par for Julio’s goofy personality.
  • Would love to see the entire team wearing this shirt for warmups before Marco’s next start.

In Baseball Land

  • Remember that Winker & Wine post from above? Turns out a former teammate of Jesse’s has close ties to that place.
We love Joey Votto.
  • Robinson Cano in a Padres uniform is a sight I never thought I’d see, and yet...
  • The Baseball Hall of Fame celebrated the anniversary of Hank Aaron joining the 3,000 with this #throwback.
  • The comps start comin’ and they don’t stop comin’
  • Jazz Chisholm Jr. supports a good bat flip, no matter the age

In Shay Land

  • Submitted without comment but with so much guilt