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5/19/2022: Open Game Thread

Sound the Julio batting third alarm!

Pitcher Hideo Nomo (L) of the Boston Red Sox watch Photo credit should read JOHN MOTTERN/AFP via Getty Images

Fresh off the first legitimately fun game in a while, the Mariners head to Boston for a four game series at Fenway Park, which John Updike once called “a compromise between Man’s Euclidean determinations and Nature’s beguiling irregularities.” That’s a much more charming review than I have for it: one of America’s worst ballparks. Is it so much to ask that the seats actually face the field?

Five thoughts on the lineup:

  1. Don’t panic. This is a planned off day for J.P.
  2. I don’t know what’s worse: having to watch Steven Souza play or the inevitable Steven Souza discourse. Please just DFA this man already and spare us all.
  3. I cannot emphasize enough how little I get the Rich Hill, folk hero thing. But if you’re into it, then congrats.
  4. Mariners PR is hyping the fact that the age gap between George Kirby and Rich Hill is the largest between starters in a Mariners game since 2014 (Taijuan v. Bartolo). I don’t find that fact interesting in and of itself, but I love it for being such a quintessential nonsense baseball statistic. 2014 isn’t that long ago!
  5. It’s not reflected in the lineup, but the Mariners have re-instated Drew Steckenrider and sent Roenis Elías back to Tacoma. There’s also a rumor that Matt Festa is in the clubhouse, so maybe another move is coming.

While you wait for the game, please enjoy Paul Sewald’s laugh-out-loud imitation of Logan Gilbert:

First pitch: 4:10 PM Pacific

TV: ROOT Sports (Sims and Blow)—look for Shay in the crowd!

Radio: 710 KIRO (Rizzs and Goldy)

Weather: High 50s and cloudy