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Lookout Landing Podcast 189: Souzapalooza and the Dead Ball Fog of War

From the Corner of Edgar & Dave

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

After Tuesday’s Souzapalooza/Souzening/Souzyphus on Mt. Vesouzavius, the Mariners sit five games under .500 at 16-21 and spirits are a little low. John breaks down the introduction of the automated strike zone into the PCL while Kate details her experience witnessing it firsthand. John and I try to understand the details of the new system, specifically the two dimensional zone. We zoom out and examine the state of the team relative to the rest of the AL West (not great), but John breaks down why the Mariners schedule has been torrid and better performances could be ahead. Kate breaks down the Los Angeles Angels and Houston Astros dominant early showing and tries to foresee a future where the Mariners might compete? Maybe? We look at Kirby and the pitching in general, trying to wrap our heads around the confusing results over the first quarter of the season. All three of us take a shot at guessing a roster move or tweak, anything to provide a spark. We also collectively lament at how the outfield depth has been tested while expressing both hope and serious doubt that Trammel, Lewis and Mitch can be the solution this season. Zooming all the way out, we examine whether or not the Mariners “plan” for the roster going into the season was sound given the early returns and immediate competitive outlook. Lastly we uncover Manfred’s secret plot to sabotage all of baseball in returning the Yankees to the MLB throne.