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16-20: Chart

Another day, another total lack of run support for Chris Flexen

Seattle Mariners v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Blue Jays 6, Mariners 2

Number of strikeouts recorded by Chris Flexen: 7, a season high and one off his career high

Number of runs the Mariners have scored during Flexen’s 7 starts: 6 runs

Poutine: Mike Ford, 0.70 WPA; honorable mention to Luis Torrens with 0.53 WPA thanks to two walks but LT also ground out lengthy plate appearances

Poop-tine: tie between Abraham Toro (-.202 WPA) and Ty France, who, at the top of the lineup, combined to go 0-for-8 with a strikeout each (Ty did have two walks, but also totally bricked an easy pop-up).

OTD in Ichiro, 2013: Ichiro, as a member of the Yankees, gets a hit to break an 0-for-22 skid. At age 39, it was the second-longest hitless streak of his career up to that point, which is wild when you think about how many current members call that a Tuesday. However, he would also strike out with the tying run on second to end the eighth as the Yankees fell to 3-2 to the...Mariners? Well, that was an unexpected twist.