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15-19: Chart

Jesse Winker laughs, Mets fans laugh last (and best)

Seattle Mariners v New York Mets
Public Enemy #1
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

New York Mets 5, Seattle Mariners 4

Number of batters hit by Mets pitching: 2 (surprisingly, none of them Ty France)

Number of runners left stranded on base for the Mariners: 9

Number of three-pitch strikeouts by Mariners hitters: 5 (Julio twice)

Number of Mariners errors: 3

Time of game: a tidy three hours and thirty minutes

A fresh bag of groceries from Zabar’s: Jesse “Heel” Winker, .358 WPA

Ew York, Ew York: Technically Adam Frazier (-.240 WPA) but gotta give this to Julio (-.077) for a tough game all around: 2 Ks on six pitches, an outfield bobble, a missed diving catch (good effort though), and a caught stealing in a potentially big inning for the Mariners.