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Mariners Social Media Spotlight: Casey Sadler in Search of Rainier Cherries; So Long Donnie Walton; Off Day in New York City

Let this be known as the first social media-stalking of the long season.

Wednesday, May, 21, 2008 – Santa Monica, Ca. – Tartarian cherries, left, Brooks cherries, top right Photo by Rick Loomis/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Welcome to the first-ever Mariners Social Media Spotlight, a space to recap what our Mariners and the world of baseball have been talking about in the social sphere throughout the past week. We must give credit to the folks over at Pinstripe Alley for giving us the idea. Thanks, Yanks.

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Let’s begin.

In Mariners Land

  • Casey Sadler is in search of some rainier cherries, big time.
  • If you’re looking for a punch to the crotch today you can stop right here because the Mariners playoff drought is officially longer than the life of the iPod.
  • Cal Raleigh and Penn Murfee take to their Instagram Stories to bid farewell to Donnie Walton after he was traded to the Giants
  • Several Mariners took advantage of having an off-day in the Big Apple and played tourist and we got to see via Instagram Stories. Hopefully they took part in my favorite NYC activity, rat-watching in the Subway
Marco, Ty, and Manny getting taking in the sights and sites

In Baseball Land

  • The Los Angeles Dodgers announced via social media that they’ll be the first team to don Pride themed hats during a game! Exciting!
  • The Baseball Hall of Fame celebrated the birthday of the Say Hey Kid (and namesake of my Twitter handle) by posting a wicked throwback
  • Leave it to the Mets to make my brain hurt with this technically not a double play double play

In Shay Land (Shay’s Pick)

  • My Instagram’s Discover Page is mostly filled with astrology, pop psychology, and cute lil’ cartoons like this: