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5/1/22: SEA at MIA Open Game Thread

Logan Gilbert and the Mariners try to salvage a game out of the series

Seattle Mariners v Tampa Bay Rays
florida man, florida man, does whatever a florida man can
Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

I am so tired of breakfast baseball, come back to the correct coast, please, fellas.

Logan Gilbert gets the nod to try to salvage a game in what’s been a fairly disastrous trip to the Sunshine State for the Mariners. I guess at this point we just hope for no more injuries?

Actually, there’s some encouraging news on that front:

“Close” is non-specific, of course, but it’s good to hear nonetheless. Keep an eye on that rehab assignment because it might be a good time to head to Tacoma if that assignment overlaps with a Rainiers homestand.

Today’s game starts at 10:40, because none of these games can decide on a constant time to start, and can be found in all the old familiar places (710 Seattle Sports on the radio and ROOT sports on TV).