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Lookout Landing Podcast 183: Hope Springs Eternal (Part II) - Best In The West?

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

With the big Julio related news out of the way, we return to our Hope Springs Eternal miniseries for a second and final episode. With the Mariners story entering the season well told by this point, we shift gears and take a look at the competition in the AL West, and the league at large to see how the Mariners fit in. Everyone takes a guess at the best and worst team in the west, with John and Kate agreeing that the Oakland Athletics post fire sale are the likeliest to occupy the basement, and Houston still way out in front of the pack. We dig first into The Los Angeles Angels, and try to parse whether or not, after a decade of treading water, they can finally put it all together and maximize on their stars and scrubs talent mix. We talk Houston Astros, our hated rival, and try to squint to see a fall from grace while knowing that even should they stumble, it’s still a long way to fall back in line with the rest of the division. We pick over the carcass of the Oakland Athletics fire sale, and cautiously wonder what on earth the Texas Rangers have cooked up. Lastly we put our names on the line and predict the end of season outcomes by collectively pondering our orbs and gazing deep into the abyss of the American League.