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Emergency Podcast: Julio Is Here

Charlie Riedel/AP

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

Today is a beautiful day. At long last, after years of hearing rumors, myths, legends of his minor league dominance, the Mariners biggest prospect in an era has finally arrived. Yes indeed, Mr. Julio Rodriguez, number 44 has made the Mariners out of Spring Training, and it’s hard to feel anything but sheer, unbridled excitement about this late stage of the rebuild. Aside from maybe a Kirby, the kids, for the most part, are here, and ready to roll. Saddling up next to uber prospect J-Rod is rising star Matt Brash, who won the 5th rotation spot with an electric camp. We talk about Julio’s absolutely bonkers 4 win projections and try to parse what is and isn’t real, and how to cage expectations while still being excited. We do some rough player comparisons for Julio and discuss the things they get right and wrong about projecting our young star. We look at his role on the team both short and long term for 2022, and how different the team looks with him on it. For this special episode, instead of the regular intro we are going with Julio’s walk up music: Grindin’ All my Life by Nipsey Hussle.