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11-9 Chart

On the sneak, Miami bringin’ heat for real

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Miami Marlins Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
via Baseball Savant

Catching an 18-foot marlin: Luis Torrens, .247 WPA

Sharks eating that marlin, which you spent two days wrestling back to shore: Matt Brash, -.579 WPA

Final score: 8-6, Marlins

Mariners balls in play at > 100 mph: 9

Players picked before Penn Murfee in the 2018 draft: 987

OTD in Ichiro, 2006/2016: Ichiro steals his first of 45 bases in a row without being caught, an American League record (the streak ends May 17, 2007, when Jose Vidro misses an obvious hit-and-run sign, hanging Ichiro out to dry). On the same day 10 years later, Ichiro steals his 500th base. If you’re in the mood to actually enjoy a Marlins player doing something great, here’s the clip: