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Open Game Thread, 4/27/22: SEA at TBR, Game 2

Marco takes the bump for the Mariners against [spins wheel of Rays pitchers]

Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners
my face when people want to relitigate the Marco Gonzales trade
Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Do you want the good news first, or the bad news? Ah forget it, let’s just give you the news.

So, first the bad: you will note the lineup above does not contain one Mitch Haniger, nor one Luis Torrens. Per Divish, Haniger is hoping to get back in the next day or two, but isn’t feeling ready yet. No word yet on Torrens, but maybe we see him in the game as a replacement if the Rays run out some lefties in their Oops! All Relievers! pitching strategy. You might recognize the name Drew Rasmussen if you’re a Beavers fan; the Spokane native pitched for three years at OSU before being drafted 31st overall by the Rays in 2017. Also of note regarding the Rays’ pitching: they plan to push Corey Kluber back to Friday to start the opening series against the Twins, making the series finale tomorrow a bullpen day. (But aren’t they all kind of bullpen days with the Rays? I digress.)

To the good, which is also a little laced with the bad: Paul Sewald has been reinstated from the COVID IL, hooray! Unfortunately that also means Penn Murfee is being returned to Tacoma without getting to make his MLB debut despite there being two (2) clear-cut opportunities to put him in while the Mariners were ahead a boatload of runs. At least Penn gets to meet up with his fellow Rainiers in Vegas, always a favorite road trip among Tacoma’s players.

Today’s game starts at 3:40 PT because such are the joys of an east coast road trip, and you can find it televised on ROOT Sports NW, but since you’re probably still at work, be assured you can listen on 710 Seattle Sports or follow along on Gameday.