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4/26/22: Open Game Thread

The AL West leading Seattle Mariners head to Florida to take on the 3rd in the AL East Tampa Bay Rays

Kansas City Royals v Seattle Mariners
Man, its a hot one, like seven inches from the midday sun
Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Coming off of a season first series sweep against the Kansas City Royals, the Seattle Mariners look to continue that success against the Tampa Bay Rays, themselves coming off of a series win against the Red Sox. The Mariners have been scorching hot, and a mostly sunny, evening game in Tampa sitting around the 80 degree mark will only facilitate that continuing.

The series promises to be a contentious one from two of the best teams in baseball right now, with veterans and rookies alike being key contributors from both dugouts. For a better picture on how the teams match up be sure to check out Zach and Jake’s brilliant-as-always series preview here.

Today, Logan Gilbert gets the start and hopes to continue his tremendous success, perhaps most notably his 2nd best in the league 0.54 ERA. He’s coming off of a win against the Texas Rangers six days ago, and has remained solid in every appearance so far. Mitch Haniger is confirmed to be in Tampa with the team and whispers are that he is on the cusp of activation, but alas he is not in today’s lineup. Kelenic is similarly not in today’s lineup and instead Dylan Moore gets a rare start in RF. If you have time before the game starts and want to take a trip down the memory lane of childhood that ends in some beautiful introspection, I implore you to read Lou’s wonderful piece from yesterday.

Game start: 3:40 Pacific

TV: ROOT Sports NW

Radio: 710 Seattle Sports