Let's just sit around and enjoy Ty France for a bit.

My primary "job" is now being a swim coach. Sure, it's not the way I make money, but it's the job I put the most effort and love into. That's not what this post is about, obviously.

Sometimes, you have a meet where everything just goes right. Like, everything. All best times. All the relay exchanges are perfect. Your Subway Spicy Italian isn't super soggy or warm after the meet. Your socks don't get soaking wet.

Everything works out. And you do everything you can to replicate that. You do the exact same practice before the next meet. Same warm-up. You eat the same breakfast. You wear the same shirt. But it doesn't happen again for another year or more.

It's really fun at that moment to just sit back and look at the results sheet. All those best times, all on one sheet.

Well, Ty France, after this weekend, is at such a moment.

We should sit back, and enjoy this moment.

Ty France has the best wRC+ in baseball at 238. He is literally 138% better than the average hitter right now.

Ty is in the top 9% of the league in the league in xBA, xSLG, wOBA, xwOBA, and K%.

There are only 3 players ahead of our Frankish friend in xBA.

Our Charlemagne has only 4 players ahead of him in xwOBA. Their names are Trout, Franco, Guerrero and Judge.

Our Gallic ami has the most hits in all of baseball. The most total bases. The highest OPS+.

The Napoleon of Downey, California currently has the 3rd highest wRC+ in the history of the game for a single season.

L'Hexagonian was a 40-grade FV prospect in fangraphs. The 4 ahead of him were 75, 80, 70 and 55-grade FV prospects. 3 of the 4 of the xwOBA leaders ahead of him were literally projected to be Hall of Famers or borderline Hall of Famers. The top two have combined guaranteed contracts that total $600M.

Cinquième République will probably be worth 1.2 or 1.3 fWAR after just 16 games. On pace for something like a 12.5 fWAR. That is the same fWAR as 2001 Barry Bonds.

La patrie has had two of the best games back to back in Mariners history. He has had 12 plate appearances this weekend. He has had 8 hits, 1BB, 2HR, 1K, 7RBI, 4R. That is a wRC+ of 578 and 458.

So, soak it up, you all. Become Jean-Paul Marat, in the bathtub of Ty Lawrence France's awesomeness.

Enjoy. Do it.