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Lookout Landing Podcast 186: The Deep Fugue State

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Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

Last night was surreal. After two weeks of slowly heating up, finally, at long last, Jarred and Julio went back to back driving in big runs for a signature Mariners win. Yes it’s just one game, and yes it’s just one night, but it was the first night we got to see the kids come together and put the team on their shoulders. It feels like we’ve been waiting to see what we saw last night since the rebuild began, and it is cathartic, healing even, to bask in the glow of Jarrulio.

Anyways…John, Kate and I enter the podcast fugue state to dig into some of the hot starts on the team, namely Matt Brash, JP Crawford and even perhaps one Chris Flexen. We answer Twitter questions about who are the bigger surprises so far and what to make of the 3 man catcher rotation. We talk George Kirby, who he might replace (or not?) and what a potential timeline could be for his arrival to the show. We eat Eugenio Suarez flavored crow and admit, albeit happily, that it does appear the shoulder is healthy and he can still rake. I despair to myself and the pod about Kyle Lewis, who is still very far away, and I encourage the fans to find greener pastures to rest their hopes in for now. Lastly, we assess Kate’s deeply controversial definition of a “sandwich”, and the pod barrels into chaos head first. Kate tries to argue that a pot pie is too goopy to qualify as a sandwich but John offers to freehand one to demonstrate its ergonomic viability, make of this what you will.

Note: during the Kirby discussion around 20 minutes there is a skip. I edited it down but you will notice the hard shift where Craig dropped the ball.