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Lookout Landing Podcast 184: Early Returns and a Home Opener

Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times

Hello Seattle Mariners fans!

The team has returned to T-Mobile Park for the home opener with a record of 3 and 4, taking 2 out of 4 games from the Minnesota Twins and losing the series to the Chicago White Sox 1 to 2. The returns are early, maybe too early, but we are here to dig in to the admittedly brief results. Who’s raking? JP. Who’s not? (everyone else) That’s besides the point! Baseball takes some time to stabilize the data, and currently the Mariners stand in the midst of a free for all of decent starting pitching, elite bullpen work and meager hitting. Will this continue? Is Matt Brash really the monster the analytics nerds have made him out to be? Is Marco cooked? Will Flexen repeat? How worried should we be about the tepid starts from Julio and Jarred? Kate, John and I are here to assuage your concerns, to talk you off that ledge, to wrap you in a warm blanket and remind you that come snow or shine, the Mariners do indeed have another *checks notes* 150+ games to play before any sweeping conclusions can be etched in stone; but that doesn’t mean we can’t get a head start.