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4/14/22: Open Game Thread

If the Mariners play the AL Central in April again in 2023, we riot

Seattle Mariners v Chicago White Sox Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Thank goodness, the rain has finally stopped and no more is forecast for today. What’s that? Oh.

Cool. Cool, cool, cool. Winds in Chicago are projected to be 28 mph this afternoon. Go figure that the Candian pitcher on staff got the only decent weather in this April trip to the Midwest. The good news is that the Mariners come home tomorrow to play in a stadium designed after humankind developed the technology called a “roof.”

Here’s the lineups for our boys’ last game before the home opener:

Looking at this, there’s probably a Lamb Burger joke to be made, but I can’t land it. Sound off in the comments if you figure it out.

After sitting most of the southpaws against Keuchel yesterday, Scott is back to his usual alternating handedness that he seems so enamoured with. JP Crawford moves up into the 5-hole in recognition of his .421/.522/.526 start. Cal will get the start behind the plate today after sitting yesterday, much to the chagrin of those who thought he was Robbie Ray’s personal catcher.

On the White Sox side, Jose Abreu will get a turn at DH after what I observed to be some hobbling yesterday. Eloy Jimenez is out of the lineup entirely after fouling a ball of his ankle and leaving yesterday’s game early, though he is reportedly available to pinch hit. I continue to find it remarkable that the only injury yesterday came from something so oridnary. Small blessings, I guess. In any event, it clears the way for Logan Gilbert to face a relatively uninspiring Sox lineup. Their starting pitcher is someone named Jimmy Lambert. Remind me why everyone’s so sure the White Sox will walk to a division title?

First pitch: 11:10 PT

TV: ROOT Sports,, etc. (Goldy and Blow)

Radio: 710 KIRO (Sims and Rizzs)

Weather report: Get these guys on a plane ASAP