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Mariners Moose Tracks, 3/5/22: Jonatan Clase, Expanded Playoffs, and the Kalamazoo Growlers

Is anyone taking bets on how much longer Rob Manfred will keep his job?

MLB: Lockout The Palm Beach Post-USA TODAY NETWORK

Hello everyone and welcome to the weekend! If you want some good baseball news, we are officially a month away from the start to the minor league season today! Remember that this will be the longest Triple-A season in decades as the league decided to go from 144 games to 150 for 2022. If nothing else, we’ll get to enjoy watching future Mariners continue to develop. Here’s everything else that’s going on today.

In Mariners news...

  • We have Mariners content!
  • Two Mariners minor leaguers were popped for PEDs. They are still testing the minors even though they have stopped testing in the majors during the lockout.
  • Larry Stone of The Seattle Times wrote an obituary for local baseball icon Jim Swanson.

Around the league...

  • The MLBPA announced that they have created a $1 million fund to support ballpark workers and other staff who are out of work because of the ongoing lockout. Major League Baseball assured people that it is planning to do the same, though it has yet to officially lay out its plan for doing so.
  • MLB also announced the cancelation of spring training games until at least March 18th. Previously, games were canceled up to March 11th.
  • It doesn’t surprise me that the players are considering using this bargaining chip to their advantage. I would sure hate it, though.
  • In case you’re wondering where things are right now with those negotiations...
  • The Kalamazoo Growlers of the summer collegiate Northwoods League became the second team in their league this week to issue Rob Manfred a ban from attending their games. Obviously it’s a joke seeing as he was never going to show up to those games in the first place. However, it is indicative of his lack of popularity at the moment.