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Lookout Landing Podcast 182: Hope Springs Eternal (Part I)

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Seattle mariners fans!

Spring Training is finally here, baseball is in season, and all is (mostly) right in Mariners world. Things have started to settle in nicely and as we prepare for the upcoming season, we wanted to take an episode (or two) of the podcast to reflect on the positives, and find out “what could go right”. Despite some mixed feelings about the specific upgrades the Mariners made individually, there is a ton to like about the competitive position the team finds itself in, especially as it relates to the young core of prospects rising from the minor leagues. I personally (me, Evan) wanted to come up with a list of things that you, as a Mariners fan, should 100% unequivocally feel good about moving into the 2022 season, because there are numerous reasons to be excited. There will come a time to worry about the Mariners, but today is not that day. Today hope springs eternal, as all potential futures are laid out in front of us and anything, even a ring, is possible.

Part 1:

1. The Season of Julio

2. Matt Brash Gets Out Righties

3. Kirby’s Air Ride

4. The Kids Are Growing Up: Gilbert, Kelenic and Cal can take a step forward

5. Winker Is The Mariners Best Hitter…

6. Robbie Ray Is The Mariners Best Pitcher

We will be doing a part 2 hopefully later this week to elaborate on even more things we think could go right for the Mariners.