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3/26/22: Open Game Thread / Evan White injury update

Now it’s a spring training game.

Los Angeles Angels v Seattle Mariners Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

I’m unsure if sportswriters of days gone by ever referred to the lineups of a day game following a night tilt a “Hangover Nine” but I’m willing to confer the term to a possibly falsely halcyon definition in regards to today’s lineup. The Seattle Mariners face the Milwaukee Brewers today, with most of their starting lineup getting a day off. It’s logistically understandable, with last night’s 3-0 victory at home starring much of the actual big league roster, a Saturday mostly off is sensible. It does mean a roster surrounding starter Chris Flexen that hearkens to the Mid-May 2021 doldrums of “Oops, All Utility Players”. Trailing Flexen we should see NRI Kyle Bird, as well as presumed bullpen staple Diego Castillo and bullpen depth contender Yohan Ramírez.

Mariners PR

Game Time: 1:10 PM PST
TV: not on ROOT, but yes on MLB.TV through the Brewers broadcast!
Radio: 710 AM ESPN (TAPE DELAY) or live on and the MLB At Bat App

The M’s get a narrow majority of what will likely be the Brew Crew’s starting lineup, albeit missing a few key names. Unfortunately for Seattle, they also learned today they’ll be without one of their young promising players for quite some time, as Evan White was diagnosed with a sports hernia that will require surgery.

The return time for sports hernias can be quite variable, particularly since apparently the actual term for the injury is “athletic pubalgia”, and it is not technically a hernia at all. The fact that White is already to the point of selecting a surgeon indicates unfortunately that his tears are fairly severe. While it is possible to have White back on the field in 2-3 months, given both his extensive injury history and the recent example of a player missing a full season after rushing to return from a sports hernia - see Haniger, Mitch - it is likely the M’s will be without White for much of 2022.

Also, a series of cuts: