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3/25/22: Open Game Thread

If you think that love isn’t found on the radio/Then tune right in, you may find the love you lost

1930s 1940s ELDERLY MAN... Photo by H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images

Ah, a spring evening with the Mariners fresh off a victory set to face one of the most exciting teams in baseball. Marco on the hill, the possible Opening-Day lineup. What a night to watch a ballgame. Or it would be if it ROOT Sports had mastered the technology to broadcast a sporting event live on television. Instead, we’ll have to listen to Rick Rizzs and Aaron Goldsmith paint a picture with words. Maybe the powers that be assumed we have something better to do on a Friday night. I wish, ROOT Sports. I wish.

My serious advice though is to take this as an opportunity. As is I’m sure the case for many of you, baseball on the radio always makes me think of my dad. And there’s nothing I have that I wouldn’t give up to be able to listen to just one more game with him. So instead of skipping this game for not being on TV, if you have a kid, listen together and make a memory for them. If you have a parent who’s still with us and lives nearby, make a visit and turn the dial to 710 for old times’ sake. You won’t regret it.


Scott gives us the gift of Julio. He gets centerfield duties while Kelenic will take left. Ty France will man first base while Evan White awaits the results of an MRI after being pulled from yesterday’s game. Marco gets the ball for the second time this spring with Festa, Giles, Muñoz, Sewald, Steckenrider, and Sweet scheduled to go behind him. I’m salivating. Fortunately for those guys, but unfortunately for us, Chicago will roll with the JV squad. Dylan Cease will start, and Kendall Graveman is set to get one of the middle innings.

Game time: 6:40 Pacific

TV: We covered this

Radio: 710 KIRO, MLB At Bat, and

Live tweeting: I’d turn to Drayer or Kramer for updates since Divish is apparently dealing with food poisoning.