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Mariners Moose Tracks, 3/20/22: Jorge Soler, Joe Smith, Alberto Rodríguez

Spring has sprung, but Trevor Story hasn’t seen his shadow yet

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MLB: World Series-Atlanta Braves Championship Parade
Jorge Soler and his new friend
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Happy first day of spring! Let’s celebrate with the third Mariners spring training game of the season, starting at 1 PM today. It’s not on ROOT, but it is on the LA Bally affiliate so you can get it on MLB TV.

In Mariners news...

  • Speaking of games, re-upping this info:
  • Prospect Alberto Rodríguez (OF), who was added to the 40-man this off-season, has arrived in Mariners camp after dealing with some visa issues. Expect to see him in games starting next week, likely as a later-innings defensive replacement.
  • In case you missed this detail in the announcement that the Mariners are switching from Pepsi to Coke products, that switch also comes along with free refills of any size fountain drink throughout the park. Since the margin on soft drinks is ridiculously criminal (think like 85%), this is definitely filed under “doing the least,” but it is a great step towards making games more family-friendly.
  • Speaking of which, presented without comment:

Around the league...

  • I’m disappointed that we’ve never seen Andrew McCutchen as a Mariner, but this is pretty freaking cool.
  • New York City announced that its vaccine mandate for city employees will continue indefinitely. The Yankees and Mets will have to decide how to proceed with the unvaccinated players on their roster.

Kate’s pick:

There was a solid thread on Twitter yesterday where everyone was telling bad date stories (always wild to see what some people think is appropriate human behavior). This wasn’t the wildest but I find myself thinking about this person, and wishing them well, wherever they are.

~Jazz hands and a weird noise towards all of you!