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Emergency Podcast: Reds Redemption With (Red Reporter’s) Wick Terrell

Jeff Curry

Hello Seattle Mariners fans.

So this is podcast #3 this week, because the Mariners be shakin and movin and doing all of the things. Today we are honored to be joined by Wick Terrell of SBNation sister site “Red Reporter”, who helps illuminate this weeks trade from the other side of the mirror. The general sentiment from the last podcast was that we were, and I quote, “Too Negative”, so we wanted to bring onboard someone who might be able to enlighten us otherwise. Wick is very high on both Winker and Suarez, and has only good things to say both personally and professionally about the Mariners two trade acquisitions, so if you were looking for the upside perspective on the trade, we got you covered. We also talk about the various prospects the Mariners traded to Cincy (Fraley, Dunn and Williamson specifically) and why Reds fans should be excited by the young assets the team has acquired.

Let me be clear: There are many, MANY reasons to like the trade. The podcast negativity yesterday had less to do with the trade/return and more to do with Jerry saying the team is done making moves. The Mariners are objectively better after the trade, and better than the squad that exited spring training last year. They are also, according to the metrics, still the third best team in the AL West, and comfortably about .500, maybe +5 or +10 games, but still very clearly below the +19 threshold they finished 2021 with.

We like this trade. We like the two players we have acquired to varying degrees. We like Robbie Ray and generally speaking, we also think Frazier is good. The Mariners have improved, but it is completely fair to wonder if this is it, if it’s enough.