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Emergency Podcast: Jerry Nabs A Winker

Redleg Nation

Hello Seattle Mariners fandom!

Well, here we are. The team did it. After intense speculation, hot stove rumors that burned us all, and a seemingly lack of real free agent acquisitions, the team has address the biggest holes in the lineup with two the Cincinnati Reds biggest stars. While this doesn’t necessarily preclude the team from otherwise making a big spending splash, Jerry seemed to admit on Monday that free agent quests “hit dead ends” and this seems to be more or less the infield/outfield we should expect going forward, or at least for now. There’s no question at all that the team is better today. We on this pod have openly advocated for moving Jake Fraley, and Williamson has long been seen as the most pliable prospect on a team littered with quality arms up and down the farm system. But is this the fleecing some are making it out to be? And with Suarez in particular, what kind of performance can we expect going forward? The only way to find out is to listen.